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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-12, 01:28

Since you have moved in, you are the most talked about topic from the neighborhood
Your very dark hair, olive complexion, leads me to believe you are from Latin America
I have never seen you in the company of a female, but if you wanted too, I know you could
You are so suave and debonair, an added addition, to this beautiful land of America.

I notice you always dress in black, maybe just your choice of dress
Whether it be a t-shirt or a sweater, it is always black
Whenever you are around, all I can do is stare at you, to this I must confess
I watch you, your muscles ripple, as you swim in your pool, in your yard in the back.

Each time I see you my heart skips a beat, at times the sight of you even takes my breath
As I watch you, I dream how it would feel to be in your strong arms
I dream of being with you forever, even within death
I must get to know you better, you and all of your charm.

I notice your window shades are always drawn, even within the light of day
Seems to me you are a very private person, making getting to know you very hard
I finally swallow my pride, I am going to introduce myself to you, no more delay
I search my soul for courage, even a little shard.

As I walk up to your door, I notice no plants growing beside the walk way
This seems strange to me, but I just shrug it off
I ring the doorbell, I hear you coming to the door, without delay
After you answer the door, I introduce myself, shaking your hand which to me seems very soft.

You invite me inside, offering me a seat, you even offer to serve me some tea
Sitting in the living room, I notice a CD rack, so I start looking through some of your flicks
I notice you are a horror movie buff, just like me
Then on the wall a coat of arms, proudly displaying SIX, SIX, SIX.


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Six Empty Re: Six

Post by Guest on 2007-11-12, 17:16

Scary Lanaia but so well written
very interesting
Good Luck with your writtings
and Happy Thanksgivin

Love and Light


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