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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-20, 00:57

Sitting in an attic, all alone, I single handily discovered what is yet to come
Having to disguise all my works, this way I could publish the things that I saw
The future, everything I have seen, mankind would end up paying a tremendous sum
I had to disguise my writings, they would have been considered witchcraft, and that is against the law.

This gift I have, in the end, my findings really trouble me
Being able to see the things that are yet to be
Many think I am a heretic, so they would not heed my pleas
Everything I have seen, would make any man, from this troubled place, want to flee.

I even became known as the prophet of doom
Not a name I wanted to be associated with
But what I see is the truth, on this I would never assume
My findings are based on truth, not on legend or myth.

People would always crucify me, but against this I must hold my head high
Never backing down from my findings, I think the world should be warned
What I saw, these things I will never deny
All my prophecies through out history would end questioned, but people must be warmed.

I live in a time of superstition, as mankind doesn't understand certain things yet
I really hate to be the bearer of doom and gloom
I would hope the future can be changed, in stone not yet set
Everything so far has mostly came true, I just hope we can get away from the fore told big boom.

My prophesies have gone down through history
I never intended to cause such a big fuss
I hope in the future mankind from my prophecies will become free
I the prophet of doom known as Michel de Nostradamus.


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