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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-25, 02:30

I always love hiking the trails of the Appallacian Mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway
The beauty here, Mother Nature had a field day adding her hand of nature here
This is such a beautiful place where together we can laugh, we can play
The only thing I'm afraid of here are snakes, they fill me with intense fear.

As we walk upon the trail, we run across a cool mountain stream
Being thirsty, we stop for a drink of the coolest clearest water upon this earth
As we greedily drink, the water so cool, so refreshing, you can't get water like this from a tap
In these hectic times of today, it is so hard to conceive of such beauty upon this old earth.

We even brought a picnic lunch with us, we decide we will have it right beside the brook
I spread out a blanket, so it will be easier as we sit upon the ground
The temperature, not too hot, not too cold, the beauty, sitting here around we have to look
As we listen, we can hear all the sounds of nature, oh, what a beautiful sound.

Whoever said" upon God's green earth, they must have been in a place much like this
The beauty here, it can easily take one's breath
What a place to unwind, the beauty, the awe, someone would be crazy,not to notice beauty like this
In this place of such beauty, one would never ever think of death.

Soon we decide we take off our shoes, and put our feet, in the cool crisp water of the little mountain brook
The water feels very cold as it flows over our shoeless bare feet
So relaxing, this could be a scene out of a novel or some kind of book
With our feet still in the cool water, we decide our picnic we shall eat.

Soon in the water, we see something there is only one explanation for
Looking down the clear cool water starts flowing within it;s waters there is something red
Just like the first plague of the exodus, all water turning to blood, we are witnessing the same kind of gore
The only explanation we conceive, up steam, a horrific death, and now someone is dead.


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