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Cursed From the Start Empty Cursed From the Start

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-30, 23:09

I was very lucky to acquire this job in Egypt at the museum
I have been asked to accompany an Egyptian mummy to New York City
I have never been to America, the thought makes so happy, I could even hum
The only way to get here, the mummy and I will have to travel the open sea.

We have booked passage on Titanic, the greatest ship ever constructed
We have to travel from Cairo, to South Hampton, here we will board this very great ship
I really should feel very happy, I just can't shake this unexplainable feeling of dread
Boarding the ocean liner, at this time, I did not know the salt water of the Atlantic, in a couple of days, I would actually sip.

We soon set sail, the only thing in front of us the ocean that is so blue
All the luxuries aboard, being paid by the museum, first class, I have the opportunity to enjoy
At this time, I did not know in the near future my choices between life and death would be few
In this vast plain of blue, Titanic seems like a very small toy.

Everything on this ship, the luxury is just so hard to believe
The Irishmen that built this ship, they didn't worry about the cost
But soon, so many aboard this ship, they would have every reason to grieve
No one ever suspected, Titanic would end up being such loss.

Two days, we have been at sea, Sunday, when the sun went down, we didn't realize the ship to the sun was saying a final good bye
The air, everything is so cold. then right before midnight, we feel small shutter, all felt this that was aboard the ill fated ship
The shudder we felt, an ice berg, soon fifteen hundred of us would perish and die
People frantically running, with no safe place to go, soon beneath the Atlantic this luxury liner would slip.

I am one of the few lucky enough to survive, this awful might, because I am still alive
I have always heard of the mummy's curse, I have to wonder, did this play some kind of part
The mummy, the cargo, fifteen hundred lives, I watched from life boat as Titanic took her final dive
Do I believe in the curse? Yes, I do from my very soul, from my very heart.


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