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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-03, 03:29

I know my chosen profession, is not one, of which most people would be proud
I attain cadavers, for those that study the body, in the hopes of becoming a doctor
I'm not really proud of what I do, I would never announce my profession to the public, admit it aloud
But just as life, one day to everyone, sooner or later death will occur.

So in a way, I help the public, by carting the death away
What I do, well it involves some really good pay
I use bodies of those that die naturally and also of those that go out into the darkness of night, those that don't work during the light of day
The ones I choose, well for them, it is too late for them to have a say.

That's one of the good things about my job, the chosen can't argue, they are passed the ability to talk
To most my chosen profession, seems to be a little odd, some may even say strange
But the chosen can't get away, if they can't walk
I always make sure to the chosen, their bodies in a pleasing way, I arrange.

The call for the use of dead bodies, well they are needed so bad, the usage is beyond belief
A call so extreme, some times to meet the quota, I sometimes have to do unspeakable things
I am not a religious man, so some of my chosen, at times I give them much needed relief
Relief from things, that most humans, to them they would never want to cling.

At times, I help the unfortunate, cross that plane between life and death
Giving those poor souls a release to what would have to be a better place
Given their situations, I'm sure most of them are relieved when they know they are taking their last breath
When I give them as ex cape, I make sure when I relieve them I never look at their face.

I don't like to see their eyes as they know they are only moments away from death
Some people think I am horrid, I have no feeling of what is right or what is wrong
I guess I will be among those that go to hell, when I take my last breath
Here I think most people would say, here is where the likes of me surely belong.


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