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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-16, 03:52

I really didn't want to move here, but my husband's career, we had to move here
North Dakota, during the winter that is so snowy and cold
The home of the Blackfoot Indians, at one time, through the entire state, the white man of them was filled with fear
But the Indians were just protecting the land, the white man took, they were the ones that were so bold.

The whole state steeped in so much history, this land is very very old
But the history here, well sometimes it is bitter, not very flattering or happy news
For thes land here, the white man at times, their very soul they sold
But the story behind the history is always told from many different views.

We live in the mountains, at one time home base for the natives that at the time was here
With Indian land all around, one has to wonder about ancient Indian burial ground
I have always heard never desecrate, the dead or the ground where they were laid to rest, one needs to take precautions, to not disturb the dead, to steer clear
I have to wonder how many were laid to rest upon this ground.

We had to move here during the winter, that is so harsh and cold
When I think about what those people went through, it really makes me so sad
The stories, the legends, the myths, I listened in anticipation, as these were told
I just wonder if some I heard, in untruth it is clad.

One snowy day, a knock on my front door, who could it be, I'm not expecting any one
I make my way to the door, not really thinking about anything in particular
When I open the door, the snowy ground and the light of day blind me, the light from the sun
I see before me a child, dressed in buck skins, the old clothing of the Indian, a little girl, her dress makes me wonder, is she from afar?

I never got any communication from the little girl, that had such a distraught forlorn look upon her face
She just stood before me. looking so unhappy and sad
Like she was saying where I am now I am not happy within this place
She was an entity, not of flesh and blood, I wasn't scared, I wanted to reach out and hug her, showing her love maybe then for time, she would have been happy and glad.


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Forlorn Empty Re: Forlorn

Post by Sonja on 2007-12-19, 12:53

study I like your narrative way to write poetry. It looks like a story with rhyme what make it very interesting, easy to read and all time it is keeping readers attention the best possible way.
Descriptions are very vivid like a winter scene painting.


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