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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-22, 04:11

Sometimes when I am totally alone, I know there is some one watching me
The air becomes bone chilling cold, truthfully I don't like what I feel
You know how it is, feeling things that just can't be
The feeling so strong, you know these things aren't imagination, these things are very real.

Sometimes things like this occur when one is not alone
When this happens, keeping up the act like everything is fine, in front of others, a times this can be very hard
Sitting with some one else, laughing and talking while you are chilled to the very bone
These feelings always keeping one on their utmost guard.

Where do they come from? Is there really an after life, another side
Even Einstein thought there were other dimensions
Some people just have the keen ability, where those in another dimension just can't hide
The feelings at times can feel like they weigh a ton.

They can't hide, I know they exist and they are there
No doubt in my mind, there are other dimensions, there is definitely another side
Some don;t believe in such things, well, they have never felt an invisible undeniable stare
A lot of us keep silent, we choose not in others to confide.

If we tell others what we experience, they look at us like we are totally insane
But those of us that feel, to their existence we need no proof
Why would a person lie? I don't think by admitting this there is no monetary gain
People like me from the others we cannot remain aloof.

You can't hide from them, from the other dimension, they always make their presence known
I don't think they mean to scare us, they just want to be remembered, starved for human companionship
But from where they reside, a feeling of warmth, of love, they can no longer have, I feel the longer they re there, the more their yearning has only grown
My heart goes out to those that are lost, knowing what they yearn, but into another dimension, without their permission, they have slipped.


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