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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-26, 03:28

Anyone familiar with my writing knows I usually write of the darkness so what could be darker than have your way of lifr snatched away, in saying this I pay homage to the Native American

I awaken in the dark to the sound of a coyote as it howls
As I look at the stars from the cold ground, I see the brilliance of a full moon
The dogs within my village, I hear them as they bark and growl
With the sun rising, I hear the morning birds sing a happy tune.

I arise from the ground, that I sleep upon, going to the tepee to check on my father and mother
After I do this, I start the hardships of my every day chores
I an Indian, our life and livelihood has never been easy, but I have never known of another
A life of luxury and being free, I am Indian, I have never heard of this before.

In another tepee, I go as I will try to awaken my sisters and brothers
In a life of total respect and determination, I have never encountered a hardship, I consider to big
My people, such pride I have in them, within our small tribe we are all brothers
We all stick together, like on a fig tree, the very figs.

We are a peaceful, tranquil people, loving and respecting everything the land has to offer
Praying to our Gods, in our daily endeavor just to live and survive
Usually when we have a problem, our people with each other, we will confer
To get through our everyday existence, assuring all the people remain alive.

I hunt for food, farm the land, making sure our people never go hungry
Some days, the braves fish, and from the lake we draw water so we can quench everyone's thirst
I pray to the Gods, someday our live will be easier, I beseech you to please hear my plea
All our tribe our family, no one is above the other, we always put another first.

The mysticism and magic of our tribe, it is in our blood, it remains very strong
But life can some times be very hard, I am just a brave, a lowly servant and man
But no where else on Earth would I rather belong
I am proud, always holding my head high, try to understand, I am Cheyenne.


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Post by Guest on 2008-01-04, 12:13

I do think that the Cheyenne would be proud with this homage.



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Post by Sonja on 2008-01-04, 13:20

study The whole poem is great but the ending is more than perfect!
I wrote myself a few of this kind and because of this poetry I become a sister of Native American. She gave me a name Mystic Moonlight.


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I Am Empty Re: I Am

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