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In The Snow Empty In The Snow

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-28, 04:15

As I sit here looking at my window, I look upon a beautiful winter wonder land
The snow on the ground, looks like the earth has snuggly gone to sleep under a white blanket
I know it is so cold outside, but the beauty I see, well the scene is in no way bland
Even the bare tress, look like upon this scene they just fit.

There is even a small steam, snaking it's way through the white, with the help of the sun, looks so very bright
Looking from my window, the entire scene, just takes my breath away
The sun starts to go to sleep and soon this scene will be under the cover of night
But even under the illumination of light, from this beauty no one would want to stray.

I cam still make out everything under Florissant lights or the light of a full moon
I feel non threatened from anything I am viewing here
The moon itself, hanging in the sky, looks like a big round yellow balloon
Just total beauty, I see no reason to fear.

I soon retrieve myself a cup of hot herbal tea
Just the thing to hit the spot on a night like this
But soon things would drastically change by something I would see
The unusual thing I am about to see, no one would miss.

Enjoying my tea as I soak in the beauty from out side
My perception of what I see, is disturbed by something I just can't explain
In the darkness, illuminated by the moon, I see a figure all clad in white, looking like it could be a bride
It is free floating about the snow, I have to question, am I am going insane?

My house longs ago was a church, and I know of a story, of a bride that never made it here, in an accident she was killed on her very special day
How I perceived the entity I saw, I really think I was visited by her
When I saw her, sadness and anguish filled my soul, this happened without a delay
I am not afraid, I fill I was especially chosen, for this thing to occur.


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