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The Ancients Knew Empty The Ancients Knew

Post by lanaia74 on 2008-01-13, 06:21

Do you ever wonder as I do, if the very Earth, itself emits energy?
Could this really be a possibility, something of proof?
But don;t you think there is a certain order of things, things that we just can't see?
Maybe there is more to history, something we yet don't know but when we do, to all logic, it will simply blow off the roof?

Did our ancestors, the ancients know something that we do not?
All the mystical places on Earth where it is said energy can be felt
Stonehenge, Manchu Picchu, just a couple of names, but on this planet there are a lot
Did our ancestors to how to control the Earth energy that was felt?

Lost in history and time the real truth of the Earth and her energy
Maybe being purposely hidden, someone having something to gain by hiding the real truth
Isn't it funny a lot of the ancients were as peaceful and tranquil as can be?
What did they know? Will we ever learn the real truth?

Pity leaders of today don't take heed to what the ancients knew
Maybe the mystic places claiming to emit an Earth force, in some way affected those from long ago
It seems to me the ancients on life had a very different view
Even though some practice human sacrifice, other than that their lives were like a lazy river as it slowly flows.

Is there a vortex within the planet allowing the natural force of the Earth be felt?
Seems our ancestors knew of something that modern man does not
The ancients made do with the hand by fate they were dealt
Living a lot in peace, tranquility, and harmony, the ancients cry to be heard, but their voices by modern man, they are not heard, look at the world today, man listening? Evidentially they are not.


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The Ancients Knew Empty Re: The Ancients Knew

Post by Philip G Bell on 2008-01-13, 08:50

A wonderful piece of philospohical poetry asking such an important question. If I had to wager against the truth I would say Yes!


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