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Post by lanaia74 on 2008-01-14, 23:36

Here in the twelfth dynasty of Egypt, I hold a position of status
I am high priestess to the God Amun, it's like I am the wife of the powerful God
I am celebate, I have to be since I am his wife, I can not partake of physical love and lust
I try to keep my vows, but it is very hard being the wife of a God.

No physical companionship, destined to live my life totally alone
But the attention I crave, makes it impossible for me to remain true to my husband, Amun, my God
No one knows this secret, I dare not to anyone to reveal, my loneliness hurts to my very bone
So I have experienced physical love, making me untrue to my God.

If other knew, no doubt to me death would come on swift wings
But I couldn't help myself, the man I have grown to dearly love
I wish I could freely show my love, then my heart would have reason to happily sing
I only wish my heart could be as free as a dove.

Others have watched me, now my secret by many is now known
I was thrown out of the temple, because on my husband, I had the audacity to cheat
Banished, I try to pursue my physical love, because my love for him has only grown
But even you turned away from me, never again with open arms, me will you greet.

When I died, I was very unsatisfied, as at love I totally lost
Because of this from the land of the dead, I was even banished from here
For a thousand years, I was in limbo, until by chance, someone read from my book of the dead, releasing me from the limbo, where I existed for so long with total fear, where I paid a tremendous cost
So now I arise, walking the earth, in everyone instilling great fear.

It has been many years, since I was alive upon this earth, it is now the twenty-sixth dynasty, my limbo lasted a very long time
But now again I walk the Earth, constantly searching for what I lost so long ago
Now being released from my tomb that was as silent as a mime
After being in limbo so very long, searching for love I have a lot of places, I still must go.


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