The Spider and the Fly

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The Spider and the Fly Empty The Spider and the Fly

Post by lanaia74 on 2008-01-17, 04:27

Come into my web the spider said to the fly
Knowing that when the web is entered, all the fly can do is struggle and die
I wonder what the fly was thinking, if he ever thought to question why?
I wonder if he knew he was dying? I have to wonder if these thoughts made him cry?

You voluntarily came into my web, not knowing the inevitable lay in wait for you
I had you fooled from the very beginning, totally blinding you with my inviting smile
You thought I would make you so happy, you never thinking you would be sad or blue
Our life together was a good one, at least for a little while.

Just like the fly, did you think anything as you entered my inviting web?
Or did you realize after a while, your chance of survival was mighty slim?
Did you know when your time had come, as you continually struggled to be free of my web?
But I like the spider knew your chances were very very dim.

I knew when you met me, you never suspected anything from me
An older gentleman, you were very flattered by the attention of some one younger just like me
When I first paid attention to you, you were as happy as could be
I gave you no reason to ever be suspicious of me.

You couldn't read my mind, so you had no way of knowing, I had done this type of thing before
I was too smart to give you any indication how the end of us would be
So just like the fly, once you entered the web, you would never find the escape, the door
Once you were entangled, you would have been crazy to think you could get away from me.

One final drink we share, toasting us, you and me, you thinking this was how it was suppose to be
I watch you drink the arsenic lacedwine, never letting on that soon you would die
Soon you are on the floor in a fetal position from all of the pain, as you lie dying, I turn a deaf ear to your insignificant pleas
You, a wealthy man, a man of status, in your dying breath, you still muster the word Why?


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