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Post by lanaia74 on 2008-01-19, 02:09

In certain places upon this planet, I believe energy doorways exist
Places that have an indescribable appeal of some kind
The energy from these place a normal person just can't resist
These strange occupancies most men just can't define.

This energy affects our very bodies in one way or another
All that experience this say they feel total tranquillity and peace
Most feel in total unison with the universe, making people feel like with the universe they are brothers
One's tension, the stress, the problems of life, here they seemed magically released.

No proof of what I call an earth vortex, scientifically to my knowledge physically exist
But one can't deny what they feel here
A total release, making someone not want to resist
From this energy, I feel no one should fear.

Some say they are healed mind, body, and soul
The power of the vortex, I feel no one should ever run away and be afraid
Some even say by this energy physical ailments are cured, in the lives of many a major goal
The energy of Earth, in the lives of many major accomplishes have been made.

These vortex, for whatever reason have made their presence known
Bringing to the lives of others much happiness and release
People from all walks of life have experience this, no one person stands alone
To my knowledge these vortex bring feelings of only tranquility and peace.


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