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In the End Empty In the End

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-10-21, 05:36

How on earth could you do such a thing to me?
I never harmed you in any kind of way
When you were hurting me, you didn't give me any time to flee
I loved you so, from you I would have never strayed.

But in our life together, you didn't give me much of a choice
You always making the decision, as to what path we would take
It's like at times, when I tried to talk, you never heard my voice
I had no idea the price to be with you, such a price, I had to make.

In a way, all the time we were together, in a way you always intimidated me
You never ever taking the time to hear me
You always keeping a tight grip on me, making sure I would that I could never flee
It's like in a way, you never really took the time to see me.

I really have no idea, as to why you are that way
At first our life together was so very good
I was always there for you, no questions asked, and without delay
Always supporting you, standing by your side, as I should.

But after a while, things between us started to change
You started being so controlling and over bearing
I knew your action was odd, but the longer the time, you started seeming so very strange
Even to the place, when you talked to me, usually you would end swearing.

In the end, you made my life a living hell
I felt as if I couldn't breathe, like you were smothering me
The our relationship and our love, started to fail
In the end, as you killed me, it wasn't surprising as I begged for my life, you never heard my plea.


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In the End Empty Re: In the End

Post by Maria DL on 2007-10-21, 11:22

Such a sad write yet so well written
thanks so much for letting us read it

My Best wishes with your books publications

Love and Light

Maria Smile

Maria DL

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In the End Empty My first meeting with Lanaia's poetry

Post by Sonja on 2007-10-22, 10:17

study This is well written but so sad poem, full of tension and depression and with a kind of hidden hope. Interesting style and rhyme pattern.
I noticed that in each stanza the last line is a bit longer than the previous one, like you still want to scream. Thank you for sharing your poetry and feelings with all of us.
Best wishes


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In the End Empty Re: In the End

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