A Feeling of Doom

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A Feeling of Doom Empty A Feeling of Doom

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-10-23, 01:05

I just can't believe this over whelming feeling of doom that plagues my soul
I try and ignore this thing, but this feeling is so very strong
On my physical being, this feeling is starting to take a toll
This feeling, within my life this thing doesn't belong.

I never listen to television, because news reports are so very sad
Always reporting the bad, nothing hardly ever said about the good
But this over whelming sense of doom, the feeling I have is one that is very bad
I have always been sensitive to things, that others couldn't feel, but I could.

My husband tells me, I'm just letting my imagination get away from me
Maybe he is right, so I try to heed what he tells me
But this feeling of doom is just so strong, it makes me fell like I want to flee
But I don't know the source, so where would I go? I really don't know how to handle this, I just know this feeling shouldn't be.

I try to put my mind on something different, but the feeling does not escape me
No matter what I try and do, this horrific feeling of doom remains
What ever this feeling represents, the end result I am afraid to see
This thing is driving me crazy, could it be I'm going insane?

Maybe if I read, that will keep my mind off what I feel
But that doesn't work either, as the feeling seems to intensify
I really try to ignore this thing, but this feeling I have is so real
I just don't understand, there is no need to question why.

To break a deafening silence, I try to find some music on the radio
What I hear the announcer of the news say, for the feeling I have my answer as to why.
" A nuclear weapon has been launched toward the U.S., from this there is no where to go
The feeling of doom is then answered as I realize soon we all will die.


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A Feeling of Doom Empty Re: A Feeling of Doom

Post by Maria DL on 2007-10-23, 09:52

Ah Lanaia what a feeling!
but then again we are all mortals
wonderful expressions and write
thanks for sharing with us all

Love and Light

Maria study

Maria DL

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A Feeling of Doom Empty Re: A Feeling of Doom

Post by hssoares on 2007-10-23, 19:34

we all have those kind of feelings when we listen to the news and it is depressing indeed.

Thank you for sharing those feelings.



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A Feeling of Doom Empty Re: A Feeling of Doom

Post by Philip G Bell on 2007-10-24, 00:50

Yes dark indeed, but so well written.


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A Feeling of Doom Empty Re: A Feeling of Doom

Post by Sonja on 2007-10-24, 13:05

Like a Star @ heaven Now I can recognize your specific poetical style. I agree with your definition and feelings of depression. And in the seccond stanza is unfortunately our nowadays reality. Great write.


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A Feeling of Doom Empty Re: A Feeling of Doom

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