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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-10-30, 02:50

I love going to flea markets, but I try to be careful what I buy, as I don't want somebody else's problems
So I take my time, as I browse among, what most would consider to be junk
Then I spy a very old bed, it's even covered with an old quilt, hand sewn, I can tell by the stitching of the hem
Beside the old bed, I spy a very old locked trunk.

I ask the curator, the price, he says he will take a hundred bucks for all
So, my husband loads the bed and trunk, in the back of our pick up truck
Little did I know at the time, what I bought was straight from the devil's very hall
I had no idea, when I brought this stuff into my home, the suffering I would do from supernatural's bad luck.

We have an old bed, but I really like this one, so we set it up in our own bed room
Just for looks, we put the locked trunk at the very foot of our newly purchased bed
Everything looks so good, but what lies in wait, this I don't think no one would assume
I learned from the flea market, this bed once belonged to an old man, nor for a very long time dead.

I think the mattress is made of down, so I just can't wait until it's time for bed
Soon night falls, I tell my husband that I am going to retire
He smiles knowing how much I want to get in between the covers and the bed
As I snuggle within the covers, well what happens next, you wouldn't believe me, you might even call me a liar.

Snuggling on the goose down feathers, I hear a strange noise, coming from the foot of the bed
The air I notice is extremely cold, when I breathe, I can even see my breath
The looking up I see to red eyes, no explanation for this after everything done, everything said
The eyes linger for a few moments, just long enough to scare me half to death.

Sitting up in bed, I scream, turn on the light, and my husband comes running to my rescue
When he arrives there is nothing there, I told him what I saw, he suggests that maybe it is time to open the trunk and see what's inside
Finally we get the lock off, opening the trunk we see all kinds of papers, hoping here there may be a clue
We find a newspaper on top, telling us the previous owner, was murdered within his bed, when he died.


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Post by Sonja on 2007-10-31, 09:35

study Uuuupssss.... what a story. It brings me shivers. you really know how to keep readers attention and how to scare them. The Good one for Halloween. G is not written this way because of spelling mistake, lol...affraid

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