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Under the Hallow Moon Empty Under the Hallow Moon

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-10-31, 05:29

On this Hallow's Eve, it was not my intent to be caught out on this night, even under a full moon
I know my father, has retrieved an ember, from the Druid's bonfire
In order to drive away the ancient Celtic spirits, to rid ourselves of them, well it wouldn't be too soon
I should be beside the warm hearth in our house, but instead I try and hurry home before I tire.

The full moon sheds a haunting light, as I try so hard to make my way home
Here on the night of restless souls, I did not intend to be caught out side
On this night spirits, fairies, and even gnomes are known through the woods to roam
To be out here, with no protection, I don't want to be the supernatural's bride.

Most people, that are not Celt, say we are stupid and superstores, for believing in such things
But I have seen and experienced things, there are no logical explanations, to make sense of such things
So on this cursed eve, even the light of the full moon, I'm worried about what the night may bring
I just want to get home, where I feel safe, then my heart a happy song may comfortably may sing.

I stayed to long in the village, thinking I had enough time to get home, before night fall
But I was wrong, so now here I am among the creatures of the night
Being among them, I can here then sing their haunting song, but I try to remain brave, hold my head up, and walk tall
The full moon gives me a certain amount of light, walking as fast as I can, to get away from things, that would give me a fright.

I am afraid, so I hasten my steps, to make it home, under the light of the very full moon
It seems though, the faster I walk, I hear footsteps, coming directly from behind me
I start to question my own sanity, wondering if I am crazy, some kind of loon
When I stop, the footsteps stop, there is no one behind me, no one that I see.

Soon, under the full moon, I see a welcoming most wanted sight
I see my house, what relief I feel, on this Eve of Restless Souls
But before I can reach the door, I totally freeze, from this thing I feel, all the fright
Under the full moon, in my back I feel something sharp, as I know taking my life, is this entity's major goal.

Happy Halloween!


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Under the Hallow Moon Empty Re: Under the Hallow Moon

Post by Guest on 2007-12-21, 09:11

Now here you have made a movie Lanaia Smile but i do like it.



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