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What I See Empty What I See

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-02, 02:15

I have no idea, of where this place is, I awaken to
Looking around everything seems to be made of marble or stone
Nothing but the blackness of the darkness all around me, really hampering my view
This place, all the darkness, I am chilled to the very bone.

I have a small amount of light, from the light of the moon
As it illuminates, through a small window, to see things that just can't be
I think this is a house of death, leaving here, well it wouldn't be too soon
I'm even on a cold slab of stone, it would do no good to call for help, because there is no one to hear my plea.

What on earth, was someone thinking, when they put me in a place like this?
If they thought I was dead, why did they just lie my body here?
I try to make sense of this, but it just doesn't add up, so that is why I question this
The only thing I really know is that my entire being is filled with fear.

It is so silent, here in this house of the dead, you can even plainly hear the crickets as they talk to each other
And the light of the moon, the haunting light, I think I am imagining things that aren't even there
Is there an explanation for this I don't know? Could it be possible there could be another?
I think I will try and stand, I am afraid! So to attempt this, do I dare?

Here alone in the dark, my imagination starts to run rampant
Causing me to think awful things, things that just couldn't possibly be
I am too terrified to try and walk, I just can't
I really should try, because all I really want to do is flee.

I try to stand, because from this place, I just want to run away
So, I try to stand from the cold slab, but in doing so my legs, I do not see
Then I look down on the slab, what kind of joke is someone trying to play?
On the slab there is a bloody body, looking down what I see is me.


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What I See Empty Re: What I See

Post by Guest on 2007-12-21, 09:23

some people are afraid to write what is really in their mind. The black side, the dark thoughts... the uggly side we all have, our worries... Not all is beautiful and wonderful.

Thank you lanaia for show us those feelings



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