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The Uninvited Empty The Uninvited

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-07, 01:44

Do you believe in things that go bump in the night with no logical explanation?
Are you able to feel things and yet there is nothing you can see?
Do you feel like a prisoner, being held hostage by supernatural's hand?
Knowing something is there, but something stops you from being able to flee?

The unseen, the unknown, how does one cope with such a thing?
Don't you think within this universe, there are things we still don't understand?
Things that make you scratch your head, on certain things they may bring?
Good or evil, unseen, all through out the land?

The bridge between life and death, can be thin sometimes
Causing the unexplained, to make our presence known in our own living room?
The uninvited, at times being just as silent as a mime
Just feeling the, causing irrational feelings of doom and gloom?

When faced with something like this, we must question things some of us do not believe in
The uninvited can make one question their own sanity
Some things we feel, at times, we wonder if they are an unholy sin
These feelings so over whelming, no explanation, but we just want to flee.

I have no need to see or hear, to know the ghostly uninvited are here
The feeling at times so strong, well I know what I'm feeling, there is no way I could be wrong
Most people that feel these things, their entire beings feel with fright and fear
Then knowing something is wrong, something strange, that just doesn't belong.

I was always told only the living can harm you, not the dead
But I don't know how much truth lie in these words, I have always been told
But there is some explanation, behind all these unknown feelings of dread
But I know the uninvited are here, as they make their presence known, these entities are that bold.


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The Uninvited Empty Re: The Uninvited

Post by Guest on 2007-11-08, 09:50

A very well written and interesting write
Thanks so much for sharing it with us all
Love and Light


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