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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-27, 01:10

From my fantasy series Of Atlantis book 4 Reunion, Resurrection, and the Ravaged

You and I have been in love for such a very long time
Most marriages are based upon a life time of love, but are love is unique as it has lasted a thousand life times
We were lovers in Atlantis, but here we had to keep our love a secret, one silent just like a mime
In this life of long ago, you were queen, we had to remain silent, though if someone had seen our eyes, they would have known, in each other's life, we were each other's prime.

You were given back to me, sort of like a gift, from some one like a daughter, I know that loves me so
But, now we are in a different life time, one in which we are free, to love and display how we feel
So, I feel we need to wed, when I asked you, within your face, I could see that special glow
Leading me to believe our love will last forever, because this feeling is very real.

Out of respect for me, you say you want to wed in the Orion way
My true heritage, where once upon a time, I was a very special man
My home from within Orion's Belt, certain beliefs will always remain within my soul, and you know from them I will never sway
I just love you more for including this in our wedding plans.

Archimedes, our son, at one time king of Atlantis, he will stand up beside me on that very special day
Him, very aware of how we feel for each other, he thinks for us to wed, well it's about time
So under the watchful eyes, of the Supreme Being and the Orion goddess, Cheyenne, mother to everything and all
They will watch as we say our vows, something good on this old planet that is plagued with filth and grime.

On the beach, is where our wedding will take place and occur
Here we vow forever to each other, in front of all people and especially in front of the gods
You still looking just like the regal queen, you were in Atlantis, and me in a way in disbelief, as I realize, this is actually happening, so it must be ordained by the Goddess and the God.

Here, I will vow to love you forever, but that has already happened, my love for you will never be wiped away
Finally free, to express, what we were forced to hold inside for so very very long
But now under watchful eyes, our love for each other we can proudly display
I know from this day forth, our hearts will sing a happy song.


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