Popular Children's Poetry in India

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Popular Children's Poetry in India Empty Popular Children's Poetry in India

Post by Philip G Bell on 2007-11-29, 12:05

As an Englishman who has never been fortunate enough to travel to India, it has become a bit of a shock to discover that there is a significant following enjoying Philip's Poetry for Children. This was posted on a popular Indian Writers Forum.

"'A to Zoo' is one of those poems that I could instantly visualize, which is why I copy-pasted it in my daughter's personal file. I could see 26 children each dressed up as a bird or beast according to each verse, and each reciting that particular piece. This poem is not just a teacher's delight it is also one that children will enjoying reciting simply for the love of it. And their moms too!"

The same writer commented in another post about the same poem ... "this poem really brought the sun back! It's one of the best children's poems I've read in years."

"A to Zoo" will be posted on Philip's poetry section.

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