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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-20, 03:45

I look up to the sky in awe of everything I see
The moon, planets, and stars an overwhelming thought when one thinks about the creation of such a vast thing
One has to wonder, if everything we are told, are people being truthful, by far the explanations, there is more here that
My beliefs to we are not alone, to them I will always cling.

In the cold silence of space, a universe of untold mass prevails
We would be very arrogant in this vast plane, to think we are completely alone
So to the voices of others to them, I do not listen to their lore and tails
According to scientists today, other universe are becoming known.

Since the beginning of time, this sole question has always been on the minds of men
Ancient societies, as well as our own, this one question has always remained
No matter when, this question keeps popping up again and again
Like at Roswell, New Mexico, to think of the happenings here, trying to make sense of things can literally drive one insane.

All the ancients were mostly very knowledgeable astronomers
But why? What was the reasoning behind this most unusual thing?
Among the stars what things actually occurred?
Did others from another place, knowledge to the ancients did they bring?

All the ancients, I believe were some how connected in one way or another
Look at the Macao Lines, Manchu Pinch, the very pyramids, themselves
Is is possible within the vastness of space, we may actually have brothers?
All my life I believe we don't know everything, look at the evidence that remains, who is to say that maybe something has secretly be shelved.

No proof of this remain here on this earth today, but we must except are ou origins the absolute truth
On this minute flaxen in space, I don't believe we are the only ones
Who knows? Maybe one day we will have documented proof
But still to think we are alone is arrogant to think we are the only ones that survive under numerous moons and suns.


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