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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-12-30, 02:19

In the back ground I hear the old bell as it tolls in another year
My life never changed each day, each week, each year much like the other
A new year, I have existed so long, the thought brings me very little fear
Even if I am cursed, mankind and I are still brothers.

I respect life, I
hate the fact, t times I must steal another's life force
But long ago, I was bitten by the bat, that made my life turn into a living hell
This thing made me stick to a life, a life that had to stay on coarse
In the darkness and the shadows, I mostly choose to dwell.

Hiding my true self behind the curtain of night
I have no choice in this, it has been so long since I saw the light of day
When others see me, I give them such a fright
Them knowing what I am, everyone from me, if they can, they always run away.

So a new year means nothing to me, it will be the same as the last
Me cursed by the bat, my path is not a pleasant one
I did not ask in this horrific role to be cast
I long for the light of the sun, but this I can't do after everything said, everything done.

Hearing the bells toll in new year, means nothing special to me
I know I can't change what I am, I know my soul has been damned forever and a day
From myself I cannot flee
I wish I could, hearing the bells, just remind me, among the sun again I will never play.

So the only thing I can do is except the fact, I will live this hell for another year
I am scarred of being destroyed, I am afraid I will forever burn
So to me the tolling bell , just means another year of an existence, I truly fear
So for another year I will be a major cause for concern.


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