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Post by lanaia74 on 2008-01-21, 04:22

Before I crossed over, to the great beyond, we made a pact, if I could return to you, that I would
Taking into consideration, who I was in life, if I could find a way back, without hesitation, I would return to you
No matter how many mountains I had to climb, no matter how many oceans I would have to swim, I would return to you if I could
It was never my intention to leave you alone, I know you are so sad and blue.

From the other side of the fence, the land of death, I feel exactly the same way
As I watch over you, I can see your loneliness, your sadness, and your immense pain
I see you as you cry tears of loneliness, each and every day
I just wish I could wipe your tears away, that fall just like the rain.

When I died on that unforgettable night, we agreed I would say a certain word, guaranteeing you knew that it was me
On that terrible night, it was not my intention from you to forever go away
If I could only touch your face again, I just wish me again you could see
If you did you would know I have never left your side, when I took my vows, I meant them, to be by your side forever and a day.

Each year on the date of my death, you conduct a seance in an attempt to make contact with me
So each year on the date of my death, you know if there was a way to contact you, no matter what I had to do, I surely would
I know if I made an appearance, you would never be afraid of me
I just wish I could make your pain go away, the sting of it in some way be dulled.

So each year on Halloween, just like a clock you do exactly the very same thing
You try to contact me, in hopes that I would return to you in some sort of way
To this idea you would forever cling
Our special word, I was to say was rosebud, then you would know it was me, without any kind of delay.

In my life, I tried to stop fake mediums, as I tried so hard to contact my beloved deceased mother
The only other woman in my life, from whom I would never flee
But the love of my life was you, there never was another
I was the greatest magician, escape artist, and illusionist, the world would ever see, in life I was known as Harry Houdini.


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Rosebud Empty Re: Rosebud

Post by Guest on 2008-03-18, 20:54

Wow Lanaia!
A great piece here
thanks for sharing with us all
Keep up the wonderful work

Love, Light and Sound



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