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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-10-26, 02:42

from my upcoming five book fantasy serires Of Atlantis book three The Chosen

I really hope what I am attempting to do works, because the men in my life, I want to separate them from their pain
They have lived an unending life, and I know with their hearts, they carry a pain within themselves, one I can't conceive
I was brave enough to try the Rite of Resurrection, I hope from this my family will have everything to gain
To get the results I want from the Rite, in it I must totally believe.

The Rite of Resurrection, something that is ageless, a Rite that was conceived, from another place, another time
The Rite, never attempted by an Orion, the felt they weren't worthy enough to try something, they thought to be reserved exclusively for the Supreme Being
I am not Orion, even being the chosen, so I will try my had at this, praying with the results, everything will be fine
I perform the Rite, out of respect and love, for those that loved me, sheltered me, no disrespect intended toward the Supreme Being.

The two men, I so love, I just hope to erase their pain
A pain, I know they have carried since the days that Atlantis was thriving and alive
I really don't understand, throughout numerous life times, how my family remained sane
I want to bring back the love of their lives, so once more they can enjoy life and they may thrive.

I mean no disrespect to anyone or anything, I just wish to see them be happy and gay
I want to wipe away their pain, giving them a clean slate in their life, that has been so very long
So they will be reunited with those they lost so very long ago, they will see them on this very day
I know this will make them happy, and once again within their heart, there will be a happy song.

The two men that raised me, did not hesitate on anything, that concerned me
I just want to give back to those that gave so much to me
I just want their lives to be happy, the way the Supermen Being would have wanted it to be
Then once more their endless hearts can be happy and full of glee.

We perform the rite, in a place, the results, we couldn't see
But when we are finished, something I fear has gone very wrong, I think what I tried to do I think something I accidentally missed
As when finished, all around us, the earth starts to move, this wasn't how it was supposed to be
I hope the results aren't very wrong, as I the chosen, performed the Rite, only wanting to raise the dead, from the watery grave of Atlantis.


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The Rite Empty Re: The Rite

Post by hssoares on 2007-10-28, 08:10

Hi Lanaia

I do think this is a very well written piece. I am really glad that you let us read it and enjoy.



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The Rite Empty Re: The Rite

Post by Maria DL on 2007-10-28, 10:02

An Interesting well written piece Lanaia
a pleasure reading your work

Love and Light


Maria DL

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The Rite Empty Re: The Rite

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