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Unity of Darkness Empty Unity of Darkness

Post by lanaia74 on 2007-10-28, 03:02

I am so happy for you, because me well you know always a bridesmaid never a bride
We are both getting older, I should be happy for you but I can't help but be a tad envious of you
Today, well tonight, is your wedding, something in which I'm sure you take pride
When you told me you were having a dark wedding, I decide I will wear my dress, the one that is navy blue.

The ceremony is to be held at the bride groom's country estate
I arrive and to me things just don't seem to be quite right
Most guests seemed to be dressed in black, that's strange, I just right it off as a knack of fate
All the flowers, they are all black, as dark and black as the night.

Soon we are all asked to take our seats, as the ceremony will soon begin
I am seated right beside a man, who looks more like a corpse, that a vibrant breathing being
I know I should have attended a few of the rehearsals, since I am one of your really close friends
But other obligations, kept me from doing so, but at you wedding I made sure, myself I would bring.

Soon the music begins, but not the traditional music that most weddings bring
Sounds like something out of a horror flick, as the organ and organist the music, they hauntingly play
Soon a lady in black, attempts a song, I wouldn't have hired her to sing
The eerie music, changes all of a sudden, we are told the wedding will now proceed, without any further delays.

I soon see the bridesmaids, their color of dress is not of the norm, as they are all red
After them, then the bride, but not in white, I can't believe my eyes, your dress and all, everything is black
You glide to the side of your bride groom, as to him by your father you are led
I know you wrote your on vows, so I know they are written with procession and tact.

The words you say to each other, I believe my ears are deceiving me
" Together forever, sharing our love, our existence, even though it is one belonging to the undead
Looking around, now everything starts to make sense, a feeling of unbearable fear, makes me want to run, to flee
The bridegroom lifts your veil, I see your face,but instead of a kiss, he heads toward your throat, after everything done, everything said.


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Unity of Darkness Empty Re: Unity of Darkness

Post by Maria DL on 2007-10-28, 10:16

Well written inded Lanaia
what a wedding!!
Thanks for sharing

Love and Light


Maria DL

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