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Post by lanaia74 on 2007-11-04, 03:09

I swore I would never buy an old house, but when I saw this, well never say never
I love this place with it's gothic victorian style
Whoever designed this place was very very clever
I have never seen such precision of archeatecture in quite a while.

In the back yard there seems to be a very old smoke house
I haven't gotten up my courage to explore the very old house out back
When I look out back, I feel as timid as a mouse
Being brave and courage to explore this place, well that is something I lack.

Soon my family and I are settled within this old house I so love
Things at first seem to be going great, going just fine
But one night we start hearing very distinct footsteps coming from above
So we all go to look upstairs, but there is nothing we can find.

Writing it off as imagination, our lives go on just like before
Until one dark stormy night when I see something, I just can't define
What I see can only be described as something from myth or lore
I start to wonder is it possible, to cross from death back to life, to cross that supernatural line?

The night I see this thing, well I just couldn't believe my eyes
Right in front of me an entity, transparent and all in white
The entity seemed to be pointing, to the house out back, curiosity arroused I just have to find out why
We all retire, but with fear in our souls, we will inspect out back, in the day, in the light.

Nothing else happened that night, but the next day, the entire family meets out back
We finally get the door open to the old smoke house, inside it looks like a chamber of horrors, all kinds of things for torture, seems the previous owners were living a lie
We just have a flashlight, but what we find next, we know what it is even if good light we lack
In the middle of the floor are two skeletons, the reason for the spirit, there is no need to question why.


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